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Therapy isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Finding the right therapist for you is key to your success in any program designed to improve your mental health and overall well-being.

Vonique "Vo" Schmidt, Therapist Torrance

A Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (#2647) in Torrance, Vonique Schmidt has nearly a decade of experience helping clients cope with addiction, anger, trauma, and more.

She strives to challenge negative behaviors and change the way you think in order to help you resolve your issues and develop healthier coping mechanisms. Vo's unique approach to therapy teaches her clients to regain balance in the body and mind using the Trauma Resiliency Model®.

She also is a contracted Group Facilitator with the Lawyers Assistance Program.


Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Do you feel out of control of your emotions, saying or doing things that you regret? Are you experiencing shame spirals that are hard to get out of? Do you spend hours worrying over issues you have no control over? If you want to feel seen, heard, and understood, working with an individual therapist in Redondo Beach who gets it and who's been there will improve your outcome. In counseling or therapy sessions, you’ll work to solve current problems and improve positive thinking, behavior, and emotional well-being. Get in touch to book an therapy appointment.

Trauma Therapy

Addiction, anger, grief and trauma

Does your life feel dictacted by the past, anger, grief, or substances? Addiction, anger, grief, and trauma are very real issues that can get in the way of reaching the best version of yourself. Having worked with these issues for the past 13 years, Vo has the knowledge and confidence to help you move into a place of resiliency. You can pivot forward. Contact Vo today to take that first step.



How can you show up and be the most authentic version of yourself? At home, in business, with friends and loved ones, there is nothing more freeing than being able to truly show up. Put the stereotype that men are only strong when they deny their struggles to rest. If you are here, it's likely no longer serving you.  Vo specializes in working with men – particularly those struggling with anger management, addiction, and trauma. When you’re ready to confront and resolve what's plaguing you, contact us to book an appointment.

Addiction, Anger, Grief and Trauma


Addiction is more than a physical dependence on a substance. Even when you are abstinent, you may still be at risk for relapse if you do not seek counseling from a substance abuse therapist to resolve the underlying issues that caused the addiction.

There are many things that can trigger a relapse, including stress, environmental factors, and negative social interactions – all of which you can learn to manage through addiction therapy with the right Redondo Beach therapist.

Substance abuse counseling and therapy can help you manage your responses to triggers and stressors, as well as replace old habits with healthier coping mechanisms.


Anger management is a type of counseling for the prevention and control of the aggressive emotions that come as a result of frustration.

Anger may also be a defensive response to fear or the feeling of powerlessness. Anger counseling takes a look at what the root of the problem is, analyzes it, and finds a suitable alternative for managing anger.

Anger is an active emotion, which means that a person is typically urged to respond to the emotion in order to release it. Unhealthy expressions of anger can harm others and land you in trouble. The goal of anger management therapy is to control and regulate the anger so that it can be expressed without being destructive.


Therapy after a loss can help you understand the stages of grief and process the emotions and thoughts surrounding it. This can help an individual deal with the upheaval of their lives more effectively by remaining self-aware and in control of their responses to grief.

Grief therapy can help you work through the stages of grief while finding meaning and beginning the healing process.


Trauma counseling emphasizes the understanding of how a deeply distressing experience can impact someone's mental, behavioral, emotional, and physical well-being for the long-term.

This type of counseling is rooted in understanding the connection between a traumatic experience and emotional responses. It offers skills and strategies for helping someone understand, cope with, and process emotions and memories tied to the traumatic event. Ultimately, trauma therapy can help you change the narrative of what you've been through into something that strengthens you rather than something that defines you.

Vo can also meet clients from the following cities:

Redondo Beach, CA
Palos Verdes, CA
Hermosa Beach, CA
Manhattan Beach, CA
El Segundo, CA

Don't see your city listed here? Vo can tend to anyone in the state of California via telehealth.

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