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Redondo Beach Addiction Therapist – Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse counseling is a vital part of the recovery process for those who have a drug or alcohol dependency. Clients will work with a licensed addiction therapist in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles CA to help them overcome their dependence mentally before, during, and after their body has overcome addiction. Part of this addiction therapy process involves an assessment process in which your therapist can advise whether or not she believes you need a higher level of care.

What Does a Substance Addiction Counselor Do?

An addiction therapist is a licensed professional who is trained in psychology, human behavior, chemical/drug dependency, and therapeutic methods. They use addiction counseling to help clients through the complexities of the recovery process and patients always have their rights reserved to keep everything confidential with exception to some lawful reasons. To ensure that their rights reserved are practiced in Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach CA, there is an agreement signed between the patient and the addiction counselor. Therapists provide the necessary support system, along with the right treatment for those who are recovering from substance abuse like drugs and alcohol addiction near Redondo Beach, Los Angeles CA. They build a relationship with their patients recovering from addiction by creating trust and giving them the space they need, free of judgment. They give guidance where their patients can proceed on their road of recovery — at their own pace. Substance abuse therapists work one-on-one with individuals to help them develop goals and strategies for maintaining their sobriety in a confidential and compassionate environment.

To create a solid and strong therapy alliance in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles CA with their patients, counselors near Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach CA have to:

  • Ensure their patients that they are focused on their well being
  • They provide enough space and attention during their mental health sessions
  • They make sure their patients know and feel that they empathize with them, and
  • They comprehend and communicate the addiction issues well in order for them to recover fully
  • Here’s what you can expect from your addiction counselor:

Creating an Alliance

An addiction counselor in Hermosa Beach CA and Redondo Beach CA always makes sure their patients know they care to create a strong bond with their patients. This is known as a therapeutic alliance in which the client always feels that they have someone on their side who understands them, and together they build trust.

With a strong alliance, addiction clients feel more willing to continue counseling and listen to the feedback of their counselors, which means that they’ll be one step closer to overcoming their addiction. When a client feels comfortable speaking freely, counseling is more effective. Additionally, research has shown that the most reliable factor regarding whether or not counseling is effective is the relationship between the counselor and the client.

Encouraging Recovery through Therapy

A counselor near Hermosa Beach CA and Redondo Beach CA understands that recovering from any addiction is a difficult process. In treatment, therapists will encourage their clients to change their behaviors. Although this change is in the hands of the client, counselors can easily adapt their counseling styles and techniques to meet the motivations of the client and better help them recover.

Helping Develop a Treatment Plan

One of the most significant things therapists can do is help their clients develop a relapse prevention plan. A large percentage of recovering addicts relapse at some point during their recovery.

However, relapse doesn’t have to mean that addiction treatment has failed. It serves as an indicator that it may be time to switch up the plan.

Meeting with Family

Family members in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles CA will often want to be involved with the recovery process, which is a good thing as those with a strong foundation are often the ones with the highest chances of beating their addiction.

A therapist near Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach, Los Angeles CA who specializes in addiction can help guide family members on how to navigate this difficult terrain, including daily interactions.

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Why You Need a Substance Abuse Counselor

When it comes to addiction near Redondo Beach CA, there is more to it than a physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. Long after your body has detoxed, your mind still puts you at high risk for relapse. There are certain factors that can be powerful triggers and lead to relapse. These include:

  • Stress
  • Social Networks with outher users
  • Environmental factors

These factors can create an urge to use even though your body is no longer dependent. Substance abuse counseling can help individuals learn to manage their stresses and triggers so that they no longer feel a need to cope using drugs or alcohol.

Types of Substance Abuse Counseling

There is no one-size-fits-all counseling when it comes to helping an individual with drug addiction. The right plan will be tailored to each individual and their specific needs.

Individual vs. Group Therapy

Both individual and group therapy near Redondo Beach CA are great options for drug abuse treatment. Those in groups are supported by their peers, while those in individual therapy can be the sole focus while their therapist helps them understand and overcome their addiction.

Some people may choose to do a mental health support group in Redondo Beach, as well. For example, someone may join Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and see an addiction therapist at the same time. AA provides spiritual recovery through peer support during a difficult time. It’s important to note that support groups are not the same as group therapy and, while integral to most people’s recovery, does not serve the same function as therapeutic services.

Individual therapy can also be helpful for those who suffer from other mental health illnesses as well as addiction in Los Angeles CA, including depression, anxiety, bipolar depression, and more.

Couples Therapy

Addiction in Redondo Beach CA and Torrance CA doesn’t only affect the person with the dependency; it affects their entire family. Treatment will require strong relationships that the individual can fall back on for support when times get hard.

Couples therapy near Redondo Beach CA and Hermosa Beach Los Angeles CA may be a great option for those who are married because family members can be a powerful force for change.

Substance Abuse Therapy FAQS

Can you tell a counselor about drug use?

Yes. You should always tell your counselor about any drug use because it can impact the type of treatment you are getting. Although scary, transparency during the assessment process offers you the best chance of true change and recovery.

Can a counselor tell if you're lying?

Maybe. Therapists don’t have magical lie-detection skills that can help them determine when a client is lying. However, they may notice particular behavior in their clients much like you would in a close friend.

Should you tell your counselor everything?

You should be honest with your counselor so that they can fully understand your situation and come up with the best counseling solution for your specific needs.

Do counselors keep things confidential?

Yes and no. Not everything you share with your counselor can be kept confidential. Every state in the US requires a counselor to contact the authorities if you are a danger to yourself or others or if the counselor suspects that a child, elderly adult, or dependent adult is being abused, this includes Redondo Beach.

You may have concerns about what your counselor will do with the information you disclose, so it’s

always best to understand the type of information that’s kept confidential. Your counselor will explain the limits of confidentiality during your initial appointment.

What happens when you see a counselor?

When you see a counselor in Redondo Beach CA and Torrance CA, there are a few common things that you can expect. Your counselor will ask you about your substance abuse problems and how long they’ve been going on along with more specific information like why you are seeking help.

You will be asked to fill out paperwork and maybe take a few tests to determine other information about your mental health. During your counseling visit, you can anticipate doing a fair bit of talking. They will ask you questions, and you are expected to answer them honestly for the best results.

It’s expected to feel a wide range of emotions during your counseling sessions as they are meant to discuss the root of your addiction.

How do I prepare for my first therapy session?

Now that you know what to expect, the picture of your first session may be clearer and less daunting. Make sure to jot down any questions you have for your counselor about their style and methods for helping someone with your particular problem. You should also make a list of the main concerns you’d like to bring up in your first session.

You can try to reach out to our therapy counselors in Redondo Beach by calling on our phone number, especially now that some people are anxious about going out because of the COVID 19 pandemic.

What is it like going to counseling or therapy?

Going to counseling will have a different impact on different individuals. Some may find that counseling can bring up a lot of stress or uncomfortable feelings. While unpleasant, these realizations ultimately bring them closer to understanding the root of their substance abuse. Others will feel like a huge weight has been lifted from their chest.

Always expect to do a lot of talking and ask any questions you feel necessary so that you understand how your counseling will work.

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