Community Events in Redondo Beach, CA

The city of Redondo Beach, California is home to an exciting community that holds plenty of events for locals and tourists alike. Community engagement is crucial as it can help build relationships amongst peers and is essential for our mental health. Those in isolation are at risk of a slew of mental health problems. Fortunately, finding a therapist in Redondo Beach is easy.

The spirit of community is very much alive despite recent events, as technology has blessed us with the opportunity to connect with everyone anytime and anywhere.

Virtual Events to Attend

Video-streaming software, such as Zoom, has empowered us to stay connected to the world, with people innovating the platform, and creating virtual spaces for everyone's consumption.

You may choose from varying topics that pique your interest. It may be free online exercise classes, business and self-improvement webinars, virtual shows, or even art exhibitions. There's just so much more on offer.

Here are some interesting virtual events for September and October that you can consider attending while staying at home.

1. Free Virtual Exercise Classes (ongoing)

Staying fit at home is indeed challenging at the moment, but Beach Cities Health District’s Center for Health & Fitness is now offering free and on-demand fitness classes via zoom. They also provide ongoing live virtual classes with unlimited access that you can subscribe to monthly.

2. Torrance Theatre Company: Play at Home (starts at October 4)

Miss going to the theatre and watching a show? The Torrance Theatre Company will launch a series of virtual performances entitled “Play at Home" on select Sundays starting as early as next month until the end of the year which you can enjoy at the comfort of your own home.

3. South Bay Jam Online (October 1, 6 PM to 8 PM)

Catch the next concert on Thursday, October 1, as South Bay Jam comes back for another series of live performances featuring South Bay's very own musical talents. You may find out more about the group and schedules through their official Facebook page and website.

4. Virtual Networking Hour: Building a Culture of Allyship (September 30, 3 PM to 4 PM via Zoom)

Learn more about how you can create a healthy workplace and discover ways of fostering critical conversations surrounding differences and equality through the culture of allyship. This empowering webinar teaches how allyship can promote diversity and inclusion and why this is necessary during this time. You may access the webinar for free and find out more here.

Keeping in touch with the community is vital in these trying times as it helps us cope better knowing that there is solidarity with others.  Maintaining sound mental health through therapy is also important particularly in distressing and traumatic situations such as at a time of a pandemic.

Check out these events and find out more about what Redondo Beach and the South Bay Area can offer you, or share unique ones that you know with the community in the comment section below!